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Business Support

Our technicians are business support specialists. We understand that you need it to work, you need it to work well, and you need it to worknow.

Our business specialists are very experienced with business IT infrastructure and business IT processes, feel safe knowing you are in the hands of professionals.

Medical Support

Priority Technology has vast experience and an unrivaled knowledge about Medical I.T systems and legislation requirements.

Our technicians are trained in all aspects of Medical I.T support, planning, documentation, security and training.

Tech Hardware

Priority Technology can source any hardware that your business requires. We provide cutting edge hardware solutions for businesses of all sizes and requirements.

We don’t believe that you should be inhibited by your hardware, that’s why our prices are very competitive. We want you to have good hardware, and we want you to trust us to get it for you.


You can’t always have the money on hand to purchase new equipment. That’s why we have invested in a wide range of financing options for your hardware purchases.

Get that overdue sever upgrade or infrastructure over-haul, get it now, and pay it off with budget friendly (tax deductible) installments.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Service is designed to give you peace of mind with your IT infrastructure. Pay a single fixed price, and let us take care of everything.

There are many benefits to switching to Managed IT Services, some of these are:

  • Fixed Price (No Hidden Fee’s)
  • Pro-Active Support (Most problems are fixed before you know about them)

While managed IT services include all customer facing activities, such as phone calls and emails, there is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into a site with Managed Services such as:

  • 24/7 Server Monitoring
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Regular backup monitoring and test restore’s
  • Disaster recovery plan creation and regular update
  • Hardware replacement scheduling
  • Included: Antivirus & Web Hosting

Ad-Hoc IT Services

Ad-Hoc IT Services is for the smaller business. Save money by avoiding contracts, and receive support only when you request it.

This IT service is focused toward businesses that have minimal technology requirements. Your IT infrastructure may be non-essential to your operation or you might have an in house IT professional who just needs assistance from time to time.

Priority 1 IT works with your business and your staff to make sure that all of your IT requirements are covered. Have comfort knowing that your business is taken care of in the event of a disaster, or if there’s a problem you cant fix in house.

Our Ad-Hoc IT support is different from other IT providers in the Region. Priority 1 IT offers fixed price Ad-Hoc support for most situations. Charging what the job should cost, not for how long it takes. This means the problem will be fixed properly, regardless of how long it takes, at no extra charge.

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