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Why we're different

Priority 1 IT aims for 100% job and customer satisfaction. Our reputation is our biggest asset, so you can be sure that we will seek to exceed your expectations, because we rely on you telling your colleagues and friends about us!

Our Managed IT service plans allow us to take care of everything, from service and preventative maintenance through to disaster recovery planning and implementation and 24/7 server monitoring. However that’s not our only option, our Ad-Hoc plans are also very popular. Unlike traditional IT Ad-Hoc service work, we don’t charge for how long we spend fixing a problem, we charge how much it should cost. This means that we can spend the time to fix the problem completely, and you don’t need to worry about the bill.


What else we do

Priority 1 IT is your one stop destination for all of your IT requirements. Our in house services are extensive and cover:

  • All areas of Business IT Support
  • All areas of web development design and support
  • IT Hardware sourcing and supply
  • Financing
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Our Primary Team!

Jamie Patch

Jamie Patch

Managing Director / Senior Technology Specialist

Over 10 years experience in the I.T industry and over 5 years experience in the Medical I.T industry with a stong focus on Medical I.T Solutions. There are few problems that cant be solved with perserverance and a solid work ethic.

“I just love working with our new and existing clients to prove that I.T doesnt have to be the headache that some other firms make it” – Jamie

  • Attention to Detail 100%
  • Business IT Support 100%
  • Medical IT Support 100%
  • Making it work! 100%
Andrew McIntosh

Andrew McIntosh

Senior Technology Specialist

Over 5 years experience in the I.T and Medical I.T industries. Andrew has always been attracted to Technology and all things efficient. With a strong focus on streamlining solutions there are few problems Andrew cannot teach you to overcome with procedure!

“I love finding the most efficient way to make things work. If it makes sense, than its easy to teach.. and remember” – Andrew

  • Backup Monitoring 100%
  • Business IT Support 90%
  • Home IT Support 100%
  • Medical IT Training 100%
Shane Wicks

Shane Wicks

Accounts Manager

  • Accounts Management 100%
  • Invoicing & Ordering 80%

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