Behind the scenes at Priority Technology


Priority Technology was founded by Jamie Patch in 2012 to service the Medical IT industry. There was a huge gap in the Medical IT market in 2012 for honest and reliable IT service providers in the Darling Downs.

From our humble beginnings in 2012 Priority Technology has expanded to service over 300 businesses and medical practices in the darling downs and greater Queensland. We’ve grown from having a single technician in 2012 to now having over full time technicians in 2021.  

Service, honesty and reliability is at the core of our business. Above all else, we want happy customers, and we do this by providing excellent service, and quick response times.

Managing expectations is always a challenge, that’s why we offer nothing but the best products at fixed prices. Our business is at the cutting edge of the latest technology in our customers industries. 

We love working with our clients. And we think you’ll ❤ working with us too!


Only the best products, at fixed monthly prices. Know what’s going on in your business with our transparent and honest service.


Our team is your team. We strive for excellent experiences with every single support call. When you call or email through, you know that you will speak with a friendly and knowledgeable technician who loves to solve problems. 


Priority Technology provides everything from IT Support through to Internet, Software, Hardware, Phones and websites. A single point of contact for all of your technology provides peace of mind and seamless integration for all of your tech.


Security is at the front of mind for all products and services offered to our clients. 



Jamie is the founder and managing director of Priority Technology Solutions, a leading IT provider in the darling downs. He finds honesty, creativity and dedication to be the most valuable qualities for success. In the 8 years since founding Priority Technology, Jamie has expanded the business to become the largest Medical IT provider in the Darling Downs.

Jamie is backed by one of the best IT teams in the region and hopes to continue using his determination to provide excellent IT services to businesses in the Darling Downs and Australia.

Andrew McIntosh
Helpdesk Manager

Kellan Church
Helpdesk Coordinator

Adam Murphy
Projects /
Helpdesk Technician

Tim Claridge
Projects /
Helpdesk Technician

Annika Claridge

Nathan Low
Helpdesk Technician

Ethan Cantwell
Field Technician / 
Helpdesk Technician

Bryce Cavanagh
Field Technician / 
Helpdesk Technician



Priority Technology recognizes the value of great service. We provide human support first, and technical support second. Our team of technical wizards operate from our Toowoomba offices, so when you call or email, you’re speaking with a local!

Our technical knowledge is a byproduct of years spent supporting Medical and Business IT systems. Over the years, we’ve realized that technical support is only a small part of the service experience. To do a truly amazing job, you need to provide human support.

Build a relationship with our technical team to see the true benefits of human support come to life.

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