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As your Managed IT provider, we leverage our expertise to transform technology from a support function into a strategic tool for enterprises of 100 employees and above. We offer tailor-made solutions, understanding your unique IT needs to ensure maximum value from your technology investment. Acting as an extension of your team, we navigate complex IT environments with confidence, empowering your business to thrive in a digital world.

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Co-Managed IT

Our co-managed IT service works seamlessly alongside your existing IT department, acting as a powerful extension to your team by filling gaps in knowledge or manpower, particularly during staff leaves. It's a partnership designed to bolster your existing capabilities, ensuring you have a dependable, expert backup whenever you need it, and enhancing the resilience and effectiveness of your technology operations.

Toowoomba IT

Cybersecurity Enhancement

With our Cybersecurity Enhancement service, we conduct comprehensive audits of your internal IT team's actions and general staff practices to fortify your defenses against potential threats, including those originating internally. By identifying and mitigating risks, we help create a secure IT environment that safeguards your valuable data and systems from both external and internal bad actors.

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Cost Reduction

Our managed IT services can significantly reduce your payroll expenses by supplementing or even replacing the need for extensive in-house IT staff, while delivering top-tier expertise and support. Furthermore, our strong purchasing power enables us to secure IT products and services at competitive rates, further driving down your overall IT expenditure.



Workforce Sharing

Priority 1 shares its technical staff with many different businesses. This allows us to provide technical expertise at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated I.T department. Theres no longer any need to hire several internal I.T employees to cover staff leave and sickness, we’ll take care of all of that for you.

Buying Power

We buy millions of dollars worh of IT equipment each year. We have some of the sharpest pricing in the industry, and we pass this pricing on for our enterprise customers.


Instead of expecting your internal I.T technician or small team to have all the answers, leverage the knowledge and experience of one or several technicians at Priority 1 with diverse technical expertise.  Stop outsourcing projects to expensive consultants and let us take care of it for you. 

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Priority Technology Ecosystem

We are constantly monitoring your systems to automatically and manually prevent issues before they happen. Our systems are completely silent, most of the work we do happens completely un-noticed in the background while you go about your day.

1 Number to Call, 1 Bill to Pay

One phone number to call for everything tech related



Yes, we will work with your in house IT department to expand service capabilities and be a backup for when your staff members take leave.

Yes, we can either enhance your I.T department with additional resources, knowledge and support coverage. Or we can completely replace your internal I.T department for a fraction of the cost.

Yes, contracts are our preferred engagement type. It allows us to lock in prices for the products we provide for our customers and enables us to keep incredibly competitive pricing. If you don’t want a contract, we also have hourly options.

Contract options start at $70 /computer /month, hourly options start at $165 /hour.

We currently service customers Australia wide, even internationally. 99% of what we do is completed remotely, and the rest can be contracted to your local I.T shop.

We have a tech on-call 24/7 for IT emergencies. However, after-hours support will cost extra.

Absolutely. Cybersecurity is at the core of every solution we provide. We have several cybersecurity packages for your peace of mind.

Yes! Infact we highly recommend it. We have several certified 365 technicians ready and waiting to tackle your next office 365 project. 



Priority Technology recognizes the value of great service. We provide human support first, and technical support second. Our team of technical wizards operate from our Toowoomba offices, so when you call or email, you’re speaking with a local!

Our technical knowledge is a biproduct of years spent supporting Medical and Business IT systems. Over the years, we’ve realized that technical support is only a small part of the service experience. To do a truly amazing job, you need to provide human support.

Build a relationship with our technical team to see the true benefits of human support come to life.

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