What the heck is a TBR?


A Technology Business Review is a truly beautiful thing, it allows Priority Technology to become a part of your team so that we may work together collaboratively.

TBR’s are included for customers on ‘all you can eat’ contracts and can be provided at an additional charge to ‘pay as you go’ clients.

During your TBR; we will explore things such as your current technology, and how it could be improved or better adapted for your business. We also cover things like risk analysis and IT budgeting, so that you can accurately plan and budget for your future.

Wondering what the latest tech is? We can tell you! Part of the TBR is a review of new technology and how it may benefit your business.

After we’ve looked at all the options and sorted out any problems you have, we move onto the IT roadmap. This important document outlines your pathway through the next two years and splits tasks and projects down in a quarterly breakdown.

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